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Just Me

Hi, I’m KatjaMichelle.  That’s not my real name, but it’s close enough that I’m not truly anonymous.

I am a twenty-something social worker fresh out of graduate school.  I am the middle daughter of an interracial couple who is still happily married over 30 years later.  I am an army brat born and raised.  I’m a politically active liberal.  I am a first mother son who is almost 10 and in an open adoption. I’m a sister to three (if you count my brother-in-law, which I do) and an auntie to two.

I’m addicted to ellipses, can’t spell to save my life, and put commas wherever I feel like it.

I love vodka. Potatoes are quite possibly my favorite food on the planet.  I can rarely turn down dessert. I love to dance.


Comments on: "Just Me" (5)

  1. Just found your blog! Can’t wait to go read more.

    I’m a first mom, from the closed adoption days. I have had a semi-open adoption with my 31 year old son for about 18 months now. AKA cyber-reunion ~ haven’t met in person yet!


  2. love your words… that face? Oh my…


  3. Just want to say Hi as I looked at your blog and immediatly recognized the two bridges cause I live in GH. I am an Adult adoptee

  4. Gail Johnson said:

    It takes a lot of guts to participate in any adoption circumstance. Hope to read more.

  5. I came across your blog and the name definitely captured me. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. To check it out and accept please go to the following link: http://thedirectionnotthedestination.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/liebster-award/

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