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For various reasons I’ve been sorting through old medical records recently. As I’ve done so I’ve noted how my mental health diagnoses have evolved. Coming from a family doesn’t really believe in mental illness or therapy I”ve only been seeking treatment for approximately 8 years.  Having some issues that make it hard to find a good therapist I’ve only stuck with a clinician long enough to have a diagnosis for the last 4 years.

In 2010 my first diagnosis, or rather my first set of diagnoses were:

Generalized anxiety disorder

Agoraphobia with panic disorder

Social phobia

Persistent disorder of initiating or maintaining sleep

These diagnoses were assigned to me after ONE 50 minute session with a clinician…I don’t have my records from my next two providers, but by 2012 my diagnoses were:

Generalized anxiety disorder

Panic disorder without agoraphobia

Just to recap so far: In 2010 I had Agoraphobia with Panic Disorder, in 2012 I had Panic Disorder without Agoraphobia…whatever you say mental health professionals.

By late 2012 I found my favorite clinician to date, a wonderful social worker who got me as close to sanity as I’ve ever been. My new found ability to cope with life was reflected on paper as well as I was down to a single diagnosis:

Panic disorder without agoraphobia

Sadly in mid 2013 I moved and for some reason my therapist wouldn’t move 3000 miles to keep treating me. My first attempt at a wrong coast therapist threw around adjustment disorder and PTSD before deciding to return to:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The new year brought my second attempt at east coast therapy and a new diagnosis:

Depressive disorder, not elsewhere classified

Panic disorder without agoraphobia

It seems strange that while my story, my experience, my symptoms don’t change my diagnosis continues to. I try not to let it bother me, I don’t have depressive disorder in fact that only symptom of depression I have is my inability to fall or stay asleep…which then leads to increased feelings of being tired during the day…also some increased irritability…and these things impact my day. Most of my wake ups are a result of anxiety, panic, or hypervigilance. But it doesn’t really matter. I’ve been given a diagnosis, it’s on the right axis, my insurance will pay for treatment regardless of what they call it.

I meet with wrong coast clinician 3 next week, I wonder where that will lead? To a new diagnosis? Increased coping skills? A second appointment? Only time will tell.



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