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Open Adoption is AWESOME.

This is a sentence that was said to me recently by Monika on twitter.

It is also a sentence that was retweeted by an adoption agency.

What the agency failed to retweet is the CONTEXT in which she was telling me open adoption is awesome.  Instead it was used as a blanket endorsement for adoption. While Monika may be a newer (than me) birth mom and she may voice more of the positives than I do, she is not a rainbows and butterflies kind of birth mom. 

 That a conversation we were having would be used in such a way is actually rather offensive to me.  I know that twitter isn’t Vegas.  I know that what’s said there is said in public.  But, seriously? We aren’t celebrities or politicians who’d have ever thought a conversation I had would be quoted, much less quoted out of context. (and by the way when I quote celebrities…or celebrity handlers rather I include the context)

It’s been over a week since the sentence was originally said, but I do remember the context. I remember it because it’s one of the rare moments recently that I agree with the sentiment.  Most days I’d describe open adoption as a complicated emotional rollercoaster.  But the day I was able to help my son develop his identity as he sees it by sending him books about our Tribes…that was awesome.

I was going to leave the agency unnamed, but then they retweeted another of my tweets and if they’re going to use me as some poster child for adoption I’m going to call them out on it so the following is today’s tweets IN context.

Interesting how they then retweeted another of my tweets omitting the context. No mention of the adoption/upcoming Mother’s day anxietythat needed to be quelled that day.  Which wouldn’t have existed without adoption.

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Comments on: "The Importance of Context" (4)

  1. EXACTLY. I don’t think I need to say any more.

  2. Wow. I’m glad you’re calling them on it.

    I have to admit that even though this is a somewhat heavy post, I snorted at your wit: “I know that twitter isn’t Vegas.”

  3. KatjaMichelle said:

    After some thought I’d like to add that i’m not sure i’d have reacted quite as strongly had it not occured Mother’s Day weekend…however, i still feel violated by their actions

  4. carolynsocialworker said:

    I am not surprised that you are feeling violated. Who are they to retweet something without your permission. I could see it if you were a “professional entity” but you are an individual who is a) entitled to your own opinions and b) whose opinions have been formed by some pretty significant episodes in your life.

    And, for the record, Mother’s Day sucks! I was not able to be one and lost mine 19 years ago. I have a tendency to actively hide from any mother’s day brouhaha that I can pre-identify.

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