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It’s that time again; OAR time. It happens to also be that time again; Mother’s Day week. Because the two coincide Heather has given us the following prompt:

Write to someone else in the adoption constellation (someone specific or a general group). What do you want to say to them on Mother’s Day?

Dear First Mothers, Birth Mothers, Natural Mothers, Biological Mothers, Mothers of Adoption Loss, Mothers who’ve relinquished parental rights, Mothers who’ve had parental rights terminated, Mothers who aren’t parenting their children…

Mother’s day is your day too. Whether in addition to birth mother’s day or instead of birth Mother’s day; Mother’s day is your day too.

That being said, it being a day for you doesn’t mean you have to celebrate it or even acknowledge it. It’s your day you decide how you want to spend it. Mothers day brunch with family, friends, or on your own sound good? Do it! Taking yourself to movie more your style? Do it! Want to spend the day quietly in your garden? Do it! Want to wear your motherhood out in the open on a t-shirt or what-have you? Do it! Want to stay in bed all day with a book or DVD? Do it!

This day is your day too. Don’t allow anyone to convince you you don’t have the right to spend it however you want.


Comments on: "Open Adoption RoundTable #38: It’s Your Day" (2)

  1. So simple. So succinct. Just perfect.

  2. carolynsocialworker said:

    I can only add: the wannabe mothers!

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