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I’ve been debating whether to join in this round of the OAR or to continue with myself imposed hibernation.  Blogging won out in the end although it took awhile for a decision to be made. Heather has posted a prompt from Mama2Roo asking:

Does money have an impact on your open adoption? If so, how?

To be fair money is having an impact on all of my life, but I’ll focus on the adoption aspect for this post.

Money started this whole thing that is my open adoption; I placed because I was broke.  Not just unemployed when I became pregnant but had NEVER had a job.  I found a job in April of that year and didn’t give birth until August but I was never garunteed hours and sometimes was lucky to get eight during any given week.  Eight hours a week at minimum wage is not a salary one can live off of, let alone two.

Today money effects the amount of time I get to spend with Kidlet.  It costs money to close the 3000 mile gap between us. As I’m still unemployed I haven’t had a visit since the summer before the layoff.  Each time it looks as if I will be able to save enough money for the plane ticket something comes up (usually health related – medical bills are expensive) and I have to resign myself to another visit falling through.

This year I’m finishing Graduate School less than 20 days before my birthday so I had asked my parents for a roundtrip ticket to Kidlet as a joint graduation/birthday present.  It was a long shot I knew.  And then last weekends trip to urgent care happened and here I sit staring at a bottle of antibiotics.  Those 40 pills and a 5 minute conversation with a doctor cost me more than I care to think about.  And so I asked my mother if I could amend my wish list.  If I could strike out all other requests and just get money to pay my bills since the unexpected medical bill has now make me officially broke.  She said yes, and then told me she and dad had planned on buying me that round trip plan ticket.

I found out how close I was to seeing my son and had it snatched away all in the same breath.

So yeah, money affects my open adoption.


Comments on: "Open Adoption Roundtable #15: It’s All About The Benjamins" (3)

  1. Oh, UGH! Maybe they’ll surprise you and come up with both. I can’t remember how far away Kidlet lives…not possible to meet in the middle, huh? This makes my heart hurt.

  2. KatjaMichelle said:

    We’re on opposite coasts and meeting in the middle would actually be more expensive.

    If I go to their house my only expense is a plane ticket and their only expense is having a house guest (extra food etc) if we met in the middle they’d have to arrange transportation for a family of 4 plus we’d all have to find somewhere to stay.

    They are also feeling the effects of the economy so that’s not really possible.

    But maybe my parents will take pity on me

  3. thanksgivingmom said:


    I’ve been through a bit of a self imposed hibernation too.


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