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Heather has posted the newest writing prompt for the Open Adoption Roundtable and once again it’s as if she’s reading my mind.

“How will you be proactive in the area of open adoption in 2010”

My goal for 2010 is to continue building a relationship with Kidlet.  I have a great relationship with his mom and with Kidlet through his mom, but not so much directly with Kidlet.

I received a letter from Kidlet a few days after Christmas and immediately wrote back…but haven’t sent it.

I have a stack of cards I bought over the course of 2009 that I bought as each “holiday” approached Valentines….St. Patricks day…Spring…Fourth of July…Halloween…Thanksgiving…Christmas…all unsent.

I have postcards from a wildlife park I visited with Mohawk in November…unsent.

So this year I’m going to not only buy cards I’m going to SEND them.

Today I’m going to buy Kidlet a wii game that I love that reminds me of my childhood and I’m going to include that with the letter I’ve already written and I’m going to send it.  Today. On my way to class.  Before I over think it  and change my mind and let anxiety get the best of me.

Kidlet’s mom and I are also going to be doing more picture sharing online…or at least that’s the plan…

Comments on: "Open Adoption Roundtable # 12: Putting It In The Mail" (7)

  1. So did you send it on your way to class? 🙂

    Thanks for participating. I like how concrete your goal is.

  2. What Heather said. Don’t think about it if you haven’t yet. Just head to the mailbox and put it in there. You can do this… 🙂

  3. KatjaMichelle said:

    Wow thanks for holding me accountable (i need that). Honestly, i am a horrible horrible person. I didn’t put it in the mail on the way to class. I have the game I have the letter written. But I freaked out about not knowing if I’d put enough stamps on it and was convinced it would be returned to me so I decided to wait until I could actually go to the post office and weight it for correct postage. So as soon as I get dressed I am off to the post office…for real…

  4. thanksgivingmom said:

    “So this year I’m going to not only buy cards I’m going to SEND them.”

    Uh, so you and I are the same person I take it????

    And yeah, I always need others to hold me accountable, because I’m not the best with that kind of follow-through….

    Glad you sent it 🙂 (Saw today’s post)

  5. […] title pretty much says it all.  Check out this post if you’re […]

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