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New Normal

Sometime last month I misplaced my antidepression/antianxiety meds.  I’m between primary care doctors (really disliked the last one i tried and have an appt for a new one next month) so it wasn’t as simple as calling someone up and saying hey I can’t find my pills can you send a refill order in. By the time I found them I was already experiencing withdrawal symptoms and decided I’d just finish the detox and try it med free for a bit…

Anyone who read my last post knows it was a bit of a rocky transition. I almost went back on the meds at one point, but i reminded myself that i’d gotten through most of the bad and i’d have to re-do it if i wanted to go off again in the future (which i know i would) so i stuck it out. ANd i’m glad i did. I’m feeling better. I may still be having a few post med side effects or i may just not remember 100% what my anxiety was like before the meds but either way it’s managable.

I finished the semester with passable grades; some better than i feared some not as good as i’d hoped but all passable. I have hope for next semester since i’ll be taking few courses AND not be withdrawal in during finals.

Things are looking up and I’m doing ok…

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Comments on: "New Normal" (2)

  1. I’m glad things are okay. That med withdrawal is hard. I’m proud of you for doing what you need to do for you. Good job!

  2. carolynsocialworker said:

    Best of the Season and have a wonderful, fulfilling, happy new year!

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