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NaBloPoMo Fail

Today is November 8 my last post was on November 6.  I have already failed NaBloPoMo, but really I’m okay with that.

Because even though I only made it a week that week was enough to remind me why I love blogging. So while it wont be a daily thing it will definately be something I make time for.

Not an excuse, but part of the reason I wasn’t able to maintain the daily posting schedule is I’ve been migrainy for the last week. The last week also happens to be a time that I’ve had a higher than normal load at school so I’ve been in pain, queasy, and working my ass off.

A lot of healthy people underestimate how exhausting it is to have a chronic illness, but it always surprises me that after 24 years of migraines I often underestimate it. I’ve trained myself to work through the pain when I’d rather be curled up in a ball in a dark corner. But while I can work through it that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take an additional toll. Sure the migraine only lasted six days, but here I am two days post migraine still in the hangover phase.

Some people use the spoon theory, but i feel like i’ve been pushing myself so hard this week i’m borrowing spoons from days I may never get to see. I’m exhausted and just the thought of going to the laundry room to get the clothes out of the drier has me nearly in tears. I also need to go to the post office and get to class. I’m missing this class next week because of a conference so I dont think I can skip today, but i’m also not sure i can stay awake the whole time.


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  1. carolynsocialworker said:

    Love the spoon theory. It explains chronic disease so very well. But remember, you have other people in your life, and some even have the unlimited spoons. So you can draw on their spoons when it is necessary! Of course, this doesn’t mean that Teacherman can go to class for you, but he would be able to get the clothes out of the dryer (maybe even put them in the dryer as well. DON’T be afraid to ask for help! You will be there when he loses some of his spoons for him. And we will cope without blogs posts, if it means you avoiding a migraine!

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