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There has been se media attention recently on women in various religions. The pope has said some things that could be interpreted as pro woman, the mormons blocked a door with a garbage truck rather than let women attend a meeting, and the Adventists have just elected a woman to some elevated status.

I’m not being purposefully vague I’m just not religious so not invested in any of this and the details haven’t stuck with me. I suppose I could google it, but the specifics aren’t really that important. What I’m focused on is the overwhelming urge to protect children that do not even exist (yet).

TeacherMan once raised the subject of our someday kids and their exposure to religion, specifically the religion of his family, his childhood, and to some extent his present. I had no problem at the time with our hypothetical children going to church and reading bible stories. And I suppose I still don’t, but I feel the need to make sure I’m prepared to combat any potential misogyny (or other bigotry) they may encounter. I’m not worried this bigotry will be directed at them I know their father, grandmother, and other family and friends will shield them and defend them from it. What I am worried about is their exposure to it as the status quo. I don’t want my daughters or sons feeling comfortable with the implication that women are less than men. I don’t want them to ever feel inequality is just the way it is. I want them to grow up in such a way that they not only feel comfortable questioning, but that questioning is ingrained in them. That it would be weird NOT to question. And to know that “this is the way we’ve always done it” is never a satisfactory answer.

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