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Wrong Coast Customs

Living on the wrong coast is weird. Weird i say.

What kind of world am I living in when I can’t see three *$ from wherever I am at any given moment? and when I finally do find a *$ people look all judgey when I give my slightly complicated order (grande vanilla (or pumkin spice when in season) soy no water chai or iced grande vanilla (always vanilla never get an iced psc) soy chai light ice)

What kind of world am I living in when these things they call mountains don’t extend past the tree line and aren’t snow capped?

What kind of world am I living in when I start to ask about tea selection and am given a tea bag that just says “tea”?

… where roundabouts are called “rotaries” ?

…where you have to specificy STATE when referring to Washington because everyone assumes you mean DC (if I meant DC i’d say DC) so it’s just easier to say Seattle, but then when you meet someone who actually knows WA you have to explain well i’m not really from Seattle and then it’s annoying

…where I have to figure out if it’s the fourth wednesday or the third wednesday and does that mean I can park on the left side of the street or the right?

…where you need a leafblower for a postage stamp sized yard? Ever heard of a rake? And do you really need to have it running LOUDLY at 9am?

…where supermarkets/grocery stores can’t even sell beer and wine…unless they qualify as “specialty stores” (whole foods) but even then only a certain number of stores in the chain can sell it so you go to three stores cause all you want is one frickin bottle of wine but then by the time you get there you’re so stressed out one bottle isn’t gonna do it!

Despite all these things I do like it here.  I think i’m going to enjoy these 4(ish) years. After all, it could be worse I could be in the middle somewhere without a coast.

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Comments on: "Wrong Coast Customs" (3)

  1. KatjaMichelle said:

    oh and BTW apparently having a drive way or garage is a political debate worthy topic. weird i say

  2. Haha I love this. As a displaced washingtonian, I hate the “state or DC?” question too.

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