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Word of 2013: Healthy*

Looking back on my word for 2012 I failed.  Oh boy did I fail, but let’s be fair who didn’t see that one coming. Really? Moment.  I was going to stop over thinking, stop planning, stop freaking out and just be present in the moment?

To find my word for 2013 I started by crowd sourcing on twitter, because of course I did. I got some great suggestions.  Since I failed my 2012 word it was suggestion that I take my inspiration there and go with “presence”.  Margarita was mentioned as well FuckOFF (it becomes one word when you leave out the space, it’s not a typo i swear).

However, my 2013 word came to me as opened my mail. I’d ordered a couple of cookbooks specializing in eliminating migraine triggers and one of them arrived. I hadn’t ordered them as part of any new years resolution. I’d been looking at them in my cart for awhile and I got a gift card for giftmas.  I was tempted to order a book for my nieces (and I did) but i also ordered two cookbooks for me.

As i flipped through it’s pages I also remembered something I needed to address with my therapist so I jotted it down.

And thats when I realized what had been staring me in the face.

Healthy. My word for 2013 is healthy.

I will continue therapy and work on my mental/emotional health.  I will work on controlling what i can to minimize my migraines.  Will I cure myself, no thats not even something I think is possible anymore. But, I will hopefully decrease the number of food related migraines and get a better idea of which foods are my personal triggers.

Full Disclosure: I do not plan on exercising. I don’t like to exercise and making myself miserable does not = healthy in my mind. Could I stand to lose a couple pounds. Yep, but despite what the scale and my BMI say everything else (except my migraines) say I’m healthy (blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, etc).

So that’s it. BuhByies 2012 hello 2013 and Hello Healthy.

*Spoiler alert ;)

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Comments on: "Word of 2013: Healthy*" (3)

  1. Yay for healthy! Healthy does not always mean losing weight and exercising despite what our society says. Yes both are healthy things but not the end all and be all. Getting rid of migraines will make you healthier as they affect your overall health – mentally and physically. I think that is in awesome goal!

  2. Healthy is good. Hooray for 2013!

  3. carolynsocialworker said:

    I like healthy. Mind if I co-op it for my word as well. I’m doing better, but would love to focus on it. Of course, I’m not just talking physically, I mean emotionally and mentally as well. Hope your new year is as wonderful as you are!

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